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Thomahof SPA

SPA (Sanus per aquam) - health through water, is the philosophy of our Vital world and Water is our key element.
And for good reason, because our water from nearby sources of Hinterzarten is especially soft and gentle to the skin.
Feel the beneficial effects in our pool, whirlpool, in our salt baths and inhalation cave.
Relaxing in the warmth of our saunas, the heated loungers and a steam bath.


The overall atmosphere of the vital world is characterized by elegance and tradition.

Your space of tranquility, relaxation and regeneration - dive ...








Bathe salts such as the Dead Sea and enjoy the well--doing action of the mineral in our brine whirlpool. Your body relaxes, the cell exchange is stimulated, your skin is silky smooth. Hovering enjoy weightlessness at a temperature of 32 ° C.

Brine Inhalation



Discover your individual youth for new elasticity and vitality. Finely dissolved brine enriched with high-quality essential oils purifies the body and regenerates the respiratory tract.






Refreshing bathing pleasure

The Well-Tempered with 29 ° C swimming pool overlooking the garden and sun terrace is ideal for refreshing bathing fun. Wonderful relax after an active day of vacation in the bubbling hot tub at 34 ° C.

Sauna Landscape

Perfect harmony

It offers a wellness area with quality materials, aromatic scents and sensual colors in perfect harmony.

Black Forest sweating room
(80-90 ° C)


Odorium (C about 50 °)
dry radiant heat


with steam and essential oils


soft sauna (50-55 ° C)
with mild humidity


Ergonomically shaped stone sun
heated to 50 ° C