Full body massage


The muscles are relaxed, blood circulation is stimulated and achieved a strengthening of the vascular system.

50 min € 60,-


Partial body massage


Pure relaxation - whether for head, back or legs

25 min € 35,-





based on the realization that there is a corresponding point at the foot of each institution and each body. These reflex zones are the organs through nerve pathways in conjunction. The massage of reflex zones circulation of the institutions concerned will increase and increase overall wellbeing.

50 min € 60,-

25 min € 35,-



Aroma Oil Massage


The success of this fragrant massage lies in combining the healing effects of the specific essential oils of chosen plants. It is particularly suitable to dissolve tension and reduce stress.


Aroma oil partial massage

approx. 25 min € 38,-


Aroma oil massage

approx. 60 min, including a rest period € 68,-



Aromatic oil full body / facial massage


90 min, including rest period € 90,-




Hot stone massage


Experience a special feeling of wellness, skin, soul, mind and body compensates. The gentle energy
of through the skin sliding hot rocks dissolves throughout the body particularly pleasant thermal effects. Blood circulation and tissue functions are stimulated.

70 min, including a rest period € 80,-



Lomi Lomi Nui


Hawaiian temple massage is considered the "queen of massages". Deep into the tissue acting, elongated massage movements of harmony and enjoyment.

90 min rest period, including € 105,-

60 min, including a rest period € 78,-



For hikers - Cloud 9


Pampering for tired feet:

Foot scrub, foot soak, foot pack and foot massage

30 min € 40,-



Wellness for Kids


Chocolate full body massage

60 min, including a rest period € 60,-



Aroma oil partial massage / back


approx. 30 min, including a rest period € 35,-




Bring the body into harmony. through guided, rhythmic arm and leg movements with subsequent gentle, energizing back massage

60 min, including a rest period € 69.,-





We ask you to come unadorned and free of jewelery for treatment. If an appointment can not be perceived, we ask for early notification at least 24 hours prior to treatment.
Please understand that we have to otherwise make the treatment amount.



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