Energetic treatments

The Energetic treatment is an extremely ancient form of funding to stimulate the self-healing of the people and strengthen. It is based on the assumption of an all-pervasive life energy. Through-air this life force balanced the body and harmony, then the person is physically and mentally healthy.



Energetic back massage


Gentle movements on the back enable the flow balancing life energy. A Tibetan method, ideal for preserving and increasing vitality.

60 min, including rest period € 68,-



Energetic Reflexology


Foot massage with gentle and slow movements, wonderful stabilizing and balancing.
60 min, including rest period € 68,-





Tibetan energy transfer by a soft touch (no massage); provides deep rest and supports compensating self-healing powers.
min, including rest period € 68,-





We ask you to come unadorned and free of jewelery for treatment. If an appointment can not be perceived, we ask for early notification at least 24 hours prior to treatment.
Please understand that we have to otherwise make the treatment amount.



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